Yu Wenwen looks sweet.

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[Reporter Zhang Yiling/Comprehensive Report] Yu Wenwen became popular because of her participation in the third season of "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves". She is often praised by netizens as "sa". Unable to live in the spring, the production unit kept helping her put mosaics on it.

Yu Wenwen (middle) sits in a majestic posture.

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Yu Wenwen recorded the new program "The Beach of the Band" and chatted with many sisters in the room. She was lying on the bed in shorts, rolling over and raising her legs from time to time. Because the cuffs of the trousers were a little loose, the production unit had to help her put mosaics on them to avoid the spring. Leaked.

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Yu Wenwen lay on the bed wearing shorts.

(Reposted from Weibo)

In fact, when she participated in "Riding the Wind and Waves", the heroic sitting posture became a hot topic, but she mostly wore long trousers, so she didn't have the problem of being exposed, but once she wore shorts in the same frame as Jessica and others. Help her squeeze the cold sweat.

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