[Reporter Xiao Fangqi/Taipei Report] After the birth of Pan Yi'an's son "Nuomi", his career fortune became extremely prosperous. He said that as soon as "Bull Cart Coming and Going" was finished, he would enter Sanli's "Family Reunion".

Every time Pan Yian joins the group, he will add new life experiences or acquire new skills. This time in "A Family Reunion", he has evolved his physical memory of ice skating when he was a child. After practicing 2 times and unlocking the inline wheel skills, Just go straight to the camera.

Pan Yi'an (left) and Chen Guanlin have many rival scenes in the play.

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Pan Yi'an played the role of a simple and honest fraudster for the first time this time. The name "Neither" in the play was very memorable. Pan Yian joked: "It seems that this fraudulent character, "Neither" will not end well." He said that this time the role The character design is very contrasting. He looks like a harmless college student, but he specializes in defrauding bad guys. He thinks he is a cute character, so he has made some adjustments to the interpretation of the character, making the performance more cartoonish and enriching the character.

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After Pan Yi'an (middle) became the second baby's father, his career luck has greatly improved.

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This time he was filming and unlocked new skills. In the play, he was required to skate inline skates. When he saw the script for the first time, he was very godly. That day, when I actually stepped on the inline wheel, I realized that it was not the same thing. His wobbly appearance made the staff frequently concerned about "can I stand up?" After practicing two or three times, I felt full of confidence when I regained the feeling of skating Man was on the stage, but because he couldn't master the braking skills, he still fell twice, which frightened others.

Pan Yi'an brought good luck after giving birth to a child, drama appointments and activities continued, he said that having a child would make him more aware of why he works hard, so all kinds of characters, whether they are villains or licorice characters, try their best to perform. Now the focus of life is very simple, which is to go to work After get off work and going home to take care of the children, I cherish the current opportunity and status.

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