Wang Quanren (left) and Mai have been married for many years. Recently, they filed a lawsuit in Tokyo, which has attracted attention from all walks of life.

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[Reporter Lin Nangu/Comprehensive Report] Mai and Wang Quanren have been married for many years. The entanglement has not ended since 2018. It was once reported that Wang Quanren's father, Wang Wenyang, supported Mai and this marriage continued. "Tokyo Family Court" conducts cross-sea litigation.

Sources revealed that the most critical issue in the cross-sea lawsuit between the two is all stuck in the word "money", implying that the two parties are still unable to agree on how much to pay and how much to get; since the lawsuit cannot be made public, the media also The details of the amount are not known, and it is even said that the man wants the other party to keep silent.

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Since the lawsuit was held in Japan, Mai, who lives in Tokyo, of course appeared in court in person. In Taiwan, Wang Quanren appointed a lawyer to appear in court. The most attention was paid to Mai, who had to worry about the trial and take care of her young son. She must be upset and uncomfortable. On the same day, the media visited the scene, but Mai kept a low profile and did not disclose any details.

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