[Reporter Xiao Fangqi/Taipei Report] Zheng Zhongyin joined TTV's "Beautiful Life and High Aspirations", playing the role of Zhang Youwei's mother. In the play, her son Zhang Youwei and You Shijing had an accident when they eloped. When he appeared on the stage, he staged an emotional drama.

Zheng Zhongyin's character is introverted, and all plans are calculated silently in her heart.

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Zheng Zhongyin has always appeared in the image of a strong woman. This time she added the identity of "Duchess", exuding aristocratic and royal atmosphere. She emphasized that this time she will use a different performance method to bring a new soul to the character.

Zheng Zhongyin said: "Ruo Nan's emotions are not visible, she is more restrained, but in fact she has already planned in her heart."

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Zheng Zhongyin revealed that the character's first appearance was to deal with her son's funeral. Even though she was deeply saddened in her heart, she still had her usual calmness on her face.

This way of performing also made her laugh and said, "It's very different from the usual eight o'clock file."

Zheng Zhongyin plays the Duchess from England in the play.

(Provided by TV)

The last time Zheng Zhongyin filmed on TV was in "The Magical Plan Liu Bowen" 16 years ago. She joined the 8 o'clock game again, feeling nervous and looking forward to it. She laughed and said, "I haven't felt this way for a long time. Once I entered TV, I will come back with a sense of familiarity." Yes, but I still got lost in the studio and had to rely on the staff to guide me.”

In addition, Zheng Zhongyin just celebrated her birthday last week. The day before her birthday, she took her daughter to Zinan Palace to pay respects to the Lord of the Earth. On the way to Nantou, she received a message from the crew. : "The last time it was Liu Bowen, this time it was the Lord of the Earth. I feel a force guiding me."

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