[Reporter Zhong Zhijun/Comprehensive Report] The 36-year-old Korean star Liu Yarengui is the best actor of Qinglong, but on the 8th, it was revealed that illegal drugs were used, and he was restricted from leaving the country; the company confirmed the matter and expressed its full cooperation with the police in the investigation.

Liu Yaren received the attention of the police for using propofol (Propofol), commonly known as "milk injection" in many hospitals, and was investigated by the police a few days ago.

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The brokerage company responded and confirmed that he was indeed suspected of taking drugs, and actively cooperated with the investigation. I am sorry to make many fans worry.

"Propofol" is an injectable anesthetic with medical use. It has the title of "milk injection" because of its milky white appearance.

In the past, a Korean star broke out to inject milk injections, which shocked the entertainment industry.

There are also cases of death caused by abuse of milk injections in foreign countries, such as Tianwang Michael.

Jackson died from an overdose.

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