[Reporter Xiao Fangqi/Taipei Report] Sonia Sui has 3 children, yesterday she was accused by neighbors that the children were running around in the early morning and late at night, disturbing the peace.

It is not only Sui Tang who encounters the problem of affecting the peace of the neighbors. Families with children will also face such problems. From this, we can learn the importance of the old ancestor's famous saying "buy a house with a thousand dollars, and buy a neighbor with a thousand dollars".

You Anshun moved to Yilan for his son.

(File photo, photo by reporter Song Zhixiong)

Actress Ding Ning also has three children. After seeing Sui Tang's news, she said, "Families with children may feel the same way. Children are really difficult to control. We are still learning." She has not yet After receiving complaints from neighbors, as to how to avoid noise, she said that there are no cushions in the house, "but there must be some ways to please children to be quiet."

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In addition to asking the child to speak softly and not run, there is another trick.

In order to let his 8-year-old son study in the Forest Primary School, Wang You Anshun, the playwright of the Admiralty Miniseries, sold his real estate in Nangang, moved his family to Dongshan Township, Yilan, and bought Tutiancuo. Our children all play together and go to the same school, and we have the same schedule as our neighbors”, so we haven’t encountered the problem of disturbing our neighbors so far.

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