[Reporter Yi Huici/Taipei Report] The 38-year-old beauty anchor Gao Yulin looks very similar to the supermodel Hong Xiaolei, with a hot body and a hot single mother. She recently appeared on the special board of PTT. Netizens shared a series of beautiful photos of her, pushing "really Ultimate".

On her 38th birthday on February 7, she posted a hot birthday photo, with deep grooves popping out of her beautiful breasts, and netizens rioted.

Gao Yulin.

(Flipping Facebook)

After Gao Yulin became the special edition goddess, her birthday post was very domineering. She wrote "Happy birthday to me~ Time flies, and a year has passed. From 28 to 27 years old, my wish is good health, prosperous career, and all wishes come true , so simple and unpretentious”, she is doing funny math calculations like this, and she belongs to reverse growth.

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What is eye-catching is that she posted a beautiful photo of her birthday, wearing an ultra-low-cut dress, with beautiful breasts and deep grooves, and a devilish figure as a gift for fans.

Colleague anchor Wang Yanjing left a message, "What kind of scheming clothes are these?" Country goddess qn said, "It's so beautiful, it's so beautiful." ".

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