[Reporter Chen Huiling/Taipei Report] Because of the epidemic, many singers suspended flying overseas to perform, but since the end of last year, overseas music exchanges have resumed one after another. An Pu was invited to sing at the "Huayi Festival" in Singapore two days ago. It was also her first overseas performance after the outbreak of the epidemic. She said: "This year's work schedule is very full, and I still have the opportunity to fly. I already feel very happy, so the moment I arrived at the airport, I was like a child, very happy. excited."

It is rare for An Pu to fly to Singapore to sing again, full of excitement.

(Provided by Huayi Festival)

Recently, many artists have shared photos of overseas trips. An Pu can take a plane because of her performance in Singapore. She said: "Although the days are short and I haven't arranged many sightseeing trips, I am already very happy just walking on the streets abroad. In the performance, she not only sang new songs such as "Unsent Letter", "Miss Missed Love" and "The Best Time" from the new album "9522", but also sang "Spaceman" by her friend Wu Qingfeng , "Incomparable Beauty", and "Tears Make Poems" by Singaporean queen Stefanie Sun.

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On March 4, An Pu will hold a "Tide Water Proverbs" concert at the Kaohsiung Arena. She said: "Tide Water Proverbs is a promise I want to fulfill. It is something I want to do again, and it may be the last time. He laughed and said, "It is possible that the me at this moment was actually summoned by myself 10 years ago." Tickets can be purchased through KKTIX.

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