Tsuchiya Taifeng challenged to be a director for the first time.

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[Reporter Liao Lihui/Comprehensive Report] The Japanese actress Taiho Tsuchiya, who left a deep impression on people with the Netflix series "The Passers-by of the World", announced on New Year's Day this year that she would marry Ryota Katayose of the boy group GENERATIONS with the ball, Double happiness.

On the 7th, she attended the press conference of the short film "Prelude" as a director. This was the first time she attended a public event after announcing her marriage and pregnancy.

Tsuchiya Taifeng was the first to train as a mother in the Japanese drama "Troublesome".

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Tsuchiya Taifeng appeared at the press conference in a pink suit. She was pregnant with a slightly protruding lower abdomen. She did not wear a wedding ring on her left ring finger, but instead had a ring on her left little finger.

Tsuchiya Taifeng's public appearance this time is for her first self-directed and self-acted work "Prelude". She first said, "I never thought I would appear as a director." Then she sighed, "Life is really unpredictable." !

I think directing is really a difficult job, but it is a great thing to be able to realize what you want in your heart.

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Tsuchiya Taifeng announced her marriage on New Year's Day this year.

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Since this event was Taiho Tsuchiya's first public itinerary after he announced his marriage, it attracted many Japanese media. When Taiho Tsuchiya stepped down from the stage, several reporters also shouted "Congratulations on your marriage!"

Tsuchiya Taifeng also smiled back and bowed 90 degrees to the audience reporters.

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