Xinzhuang's "EyE in China and Hong Kong Eye Color Light Sculpture" will be exhibited on February 10.

(Photo/Provided by Water Conservancy Bureau of New Taipei City Government)

Events such as Western Valentine's Day and the 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival will light up the entire city of Taipei. The annual Xinzhuang China-Hong Kong Light Sculpture Exhibition will also be held on February 10. As the theme, a series of large-scale light sculptures of cute Kuso were created, and the actual photos were also officially exposed!

The super cute and enlarged versions of frogs, hairy crabs, and luminous dragonflies are super easy to photograph. There will also be wonderful clown juggling performances, interactive theme photo balloons, and transform into a fun luminous zoo.

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Four Four South Village's giant cute rabbits must be photographed, and the way to receive the lanterns of "Dazhan Rainbow Rabbit" has been revealed

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After renovation, the Da Pai River Corridor in Xinzhuang has successfully transformed into a back garden for the citizens of New Taipei City. It has the reputation of "Great Taipei's Qingxi River". The design concept uses projection, lighting special effects, and art installations to initiate a dialogue with the ecology.

Breaking through the past, only light sculptures are exhibited at night, and the daytime landscape is also very interesting.

(Photo/Provided by Water Conservancy Bureau of New Taipei City Government)

The scale of the exhibition area extends from the self-supporting square of Zhonggang Dapai in Xinzhuang District to the surrounding area of ​​Rainbow Square on Zhongyuan Road, creating a large-scale party animal party installation art, including hairy crabs, dragonflies, frogs, kingfishers and other common creatures in rivers, not only in the daytime. , combined with dazzling lighting effects and projections at night, let everyone enjoy a different mapping show.

Fluttering jade fairy, giant ladybug debut.

(Photo/Provided by Water Conservancy Bureau of New Taipei City Government)

Giant tortoises are playful in the river corridor.

(Photo/Provided by Water Conservancy Bureau of New Taipei City Government)

In addition to all kinds of cute insects and animals, you must not miss the romantic purple seaside trail!

In Da Pai River Corridor in China-Hong Kong, from Zili Square to Auwan Wharf, the sidewalk trees with a total length of 1.8 kilometers are covered with dazzling pink and purple lights. The beautiful and romantic scene becomes a romantic spot for dating, creating a happy and sweet atmosphere.

Dragons trace the surface of the water, and colorful mapping works adorn the China-Hong Kong River Corridor.

(Photo/Provided by Water Conservancy Bureau of New Taipei City Government)


Xinzhuang China-Hong Kong Parade

Time: February 10th to March 20th, 5:30pm to 12:00pm

Opening ceremony: 6pm on February 10th in front of No. 62 Zili Street, Xinzhuang District, wonderful clown juggling interaction The show will start at 5:20pm on February 10.

Traffic information: MRT Loop Line Exit Xingfu Station, walk along Xingfu Road to Section 2 of Zhonghua Road for about 10 minutes; take bus 99 or 299 to Caiyuan Plaza and walk for about 2 minutes.

※If there is any change in the above information, please refer to the latest announcement.

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