Jun Ji-hyun, Burberry brand ambassador, appeared in the new image blockbuster.

The British fashion brand Burberry invited Daniel Lee to take over as creative director last year. His first show after taking charge will be at London Fashion Week on the 20th of this month. The big show is less than two weeks away. The contents are all cleared out and replaced with a series of brand new image photos. Not only is the lineup including Hallyu actress Jun Ji Hyun eye-catching, but the classic knight pattern is replaced, and the word "Burberry" is replaced with a new font to show New people, new atmosphere.

The first group of image blockbusters directed by Daniel Lee, whether it is Logo patterns or fonts, has been replaced with a new look.

Burberry also released a brand new image blockbuster. This group of blockbusters was directed by well-known photographer Tyrone Lebon, and invited brand ambassador Jun Ji-hyun, British actress Vanessa Redgrave (Dame Vanessa Redgrave) and England football national team member Raheem Sterling (Raheem Sterling) and others participated, and it can be seen on the screen that the logo of the horse and knight in the past has been replaced.

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This logo pattern was first selected by Burberry through an open competition in 1901. The "Prorsum" of the flag in the hand of the horse rider comes from the Latin meaning of "move forward". This time, it has been reinterpreted and inspired by the collection inheritance The new Burberry logo has the meaning of warming up for the big show and bringing a new look to the brand.

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