(From left) Xu Guanghan, Wang Jing, and Lin Bohong acted on the same stage in "About Me and the Ghost Becoming a Family".

(File photo, photo by reporter Chen Yiquan)

[Reporter Xu Shiying/Taipei Report] The Taiwanese film "About the Event That Ghosts and I Became Family Members" premiered tonight. Director Cheng Weihao led Xu Guanghan, Lin Bohong, Wang Jing, Cai Zhennan, Tuo Zonghua, Wang Manjiao and others to attend. On Jing’s birthday, the crew prepared a surprise birthday cake in the shape of a police car for her who played the role of a policewoman. She shouted “embarrassed” and did not forget to make a wish for the box office to exceed 100 million. to know what love is."

Xu Guanghan said that the whole movie was very memorable, "Especially the scene in the car, the three of us (with Wang Jing and Lin Bohong) have to act in the air once, which is quite difficult." He said with a smile that the movie is both fantasy and realistic, but also terrible, "After watching it, I hope you will give us a lot of love." Lin Bohong praised Guanghan as a very, very good partner, "Really 2000% was given to this role!" After Xu Guanghan listened Funny response: "If you are like this, I will remit money to you again!"

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Wang Jing revealed that he thoroughly felt the "rotten girl mood" during the filming. He saw many wonderful scenes of the two of them. In a scene of poking lo mei, he accidentally pierced the bag and "poked" directly into Xu Guanghan's palm. Because of his fans at the premiere There were so many people, and some even came from overseas, she hurriedly said sorry in English to the "Mrs. Xu" who were present.

Cai Zhennan, who played the villain in the film, said that he didn’t dare to shoot at first because he was afraid of being beaten up, “It’s the first time I acted so badly, so I said I gave the first time to the director. I have never acted so heartless.” Characters!" He showed off his dancing skills and even boasted that dancing is his forte, and he asked everyone to go to the theater to watch the live performance of being arched.

Wang Manjiao, who plays Lin Bohong's grandma, said that she has been filming for more than 60 years, and it is the first time she has filmed such a special scene. "There are difficulties everywhere, and the content of this scene is very complicated." Lin Pakhong's father said with a smile, "We are destined to play father and son in the movie for the second time." Lin Pakhong said that he felt at ease working with him, and he burst into tears when he saw the father and son's emotions in the film.

"About the Thing That Ghost and I Became Family Members" was released on Taiwan on the 10th.

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