Bucket chicken is fragrant with sugar cane, and the chicken skin is roasted bright red and charming in color.

(Photo/provided by Yilan ㄚxin's food log)

The "Da Ren Ge Cane Fragrance Crispy Bucket Chicken" that is touring and setting up flash stalls throughout Taiwan always leads to queuing for instant kills wherever it goes. It is often several hours before you can buy a roast chicken to try it out. It was previously reported that The news of unlimited cooking has caused a large number of fans to mourn. What is surprising is that "Brother Big Ren" announced its return and will open a flagship store covering an area of ​​700 square meters in Yilan, so that gourmets no longer have to worry about queuing up!

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The bucket chicken dining truck that was sold immediately after the group tour, dispatched 3 trucks to Yilan for the first time, loaded a full 26 bucket chicken ovens, and set a record of roasting 910 chickens in 4 hours. It is very popular among Yilan people. The first entity The store also chose to open in Zhuangwei Township, Yilan. Brother Daren cooperated with a local chef with 40 years of experience in Yilan. The signature delicious crispy chicken weighs about 3 catties, which is bigger than a dining car. It uses warm-body black feather chicken. With special Chinese herbal powder marinade, grilled directly over charcoal fire, and fragrant with sugarcane, the skin is crispy and the meat is tender and soupy, with a strong charcoal grilled and smoky flavor. The chicken oil also has a touch of Chinese herbal medicine. Refreshing golden kimchi as a gift.

Dip the chicken in salt and pepper or chicken fat for extra flavor.

(Photo/provided by Yilan ㄚxin's food log)

At the same time, there are also meals such as Yilan’s ancient flavor of sirloin meat, cake residue, liver flower, and salt-roasted Taiwan sea bream that need to be ordered 40 minutes in advance. They can be enjoyed with bucket chicken. The current trial operation is expected to be until February 13, by appointment only As a priority, a small number of on-site waiting seats will be reserved every day. During the trial operation period, go to the store for consumption and dining, upload Facebook and tag the store's fan page, and you can enjoy a 20% discount!

The bucket chicken that was sold online has opened its first retail store, and has also increased its sales items. You can enjoy table dishes for multiple people, with a starting price of 2,500 yuan.

(Photo/provided by Yilan ㄚxin's food log)

The garlic-flavored sirloin meat with a lot of ingredients.

(Photo/provided by Yilan ㄚxin's food log)

The flagship store in Yilan covers an area of ​​700 square meters, with a large green space and garden landscaping.

(Photo/provided by Yilan ㄚxin's food log)

The small train rides allow parents and children to eat chicken and have fun, and the fee is 100 yuan for one time.

(Photo/provided by Yilan ㄚxin's food log)

The interior space is spacious and comfortable, and the grilled chicken is only used in the restaurant for the time being.

(Photo/provided by Yilan ㄚxin's food log)

(Photo provided by Yilan ㄚ Xin's food blog)


Yilan Flagship Store

Address: No. 20, Lane 232, Section 3, Dafu Road, Zhuangwei Township, Yilan County (next to the Yilan Interchange in the north)

Time: 11:00~20:00

Tel: 03-9303189

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