Today, February 7, representatives of all Zodiac signs will reap what they have sown, but three of them will receive a particularly tangible boomerang.

Gemini (22.05 - 21.06)

The twins will have to remember whom they - out of frivolity, without thinking - managed to greatly offend.

Most likely, the person himself has long since forgotten the quarrel, but the world structure does not tolerate skewing in one direction - it will definitely restore the balance, sending the representatives of the sign a well-deserved boomerang.

The most important thing for them in this situation is to draw the correct conclusion from what happened.

Leo (23.07 - 21.08)

Leos, despite their inherent megalomania, are kind and generous, so they often do good deeds not only to relatives and friends, but also to complete strangers.

Well, since the boomerang is not necessarily a negative concept, it is not surprising that it will bring them thanks from the universe.

However, in honor of the representatives of the sign, it must be said that they do good deeds selflessly.

Aquarius (21.01 - 18.02)

Aquarians rarely act according to the rules - more often their actions are impromptu, about which they did not even think about five minutes ago, and then for some reason, without explaining the reasons even to themselves, they did it.

But since this does not prevent them from doing good deeds, they receive the appropriate thanks from the Universe: yes, if success smiles at them today, it is desirable to remember who and for what they can thank them.

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