[Reporter Yi Huici/Taipei Report] A 17-year-old high school student in Gifu County, Japan, recently licked soy sauce bottles and dipped his saliva on the sushi on the turntable while eating at the conveyor belt sushi restaurant "Sushiro". The condemnation also caused the stock price of Sushi Lang's parent company to plummet, and the market value evaporated by nearly 17 billion yen (approximately NT$3.8 billion). Sushi Lang strongly stated that he would not accept the boy's apology and would take legal measures.

Xu Shuhua, a beautiful doctor, posted on Facebook that when discussing the news with her husband, her husband actually told her how a high school kid made a spoof of a beef noodle shop.

Xu Shuhua, a beautiful doctor.

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Xu Shuhua said that after seeing Sushi Lang's behavior as a fart boy, he was really horrified. He also became wary of the food or sauce being exposed to the dining mode of many people. After all, there are hundreds of kinds of people in the world. That unavoidable disorder or extreme.

She thinks that not only Sushi Lang, but also other families may have the same problem. She is curious about whether there are any other potential "risks", and even doubts about eating out. She said frankly that her parents were right, "Cooking it yourself is the most healthy and hygienic." .

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Xu Shuhua, a beautiful doctor.

(Flipping Facebook)

She also discussed with her husband, an orthopedic surgeon, and felt that the news was outrageous. Her husband responded normally and said, "It's just what a fart would do." Xu Shuhua insisted that this is not an ordinary fart, but a very extreme fart. She said, "A classmate in high school used to add soy sauce and vinegar to the common sauerkraut on the table in a beef noodle shop." Xu Shuhua was so dumbfounded. Her husband also emphasized that he would never eat sauerkraut from a beef noodle shop ever since.

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