Sui Tang moved to a new home last year, but had conflicts with her neighbors.

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[Reporter Xiao Fangqi/Taipei Report] Sui Tang and her husband Tony, a family of 5, moved to a mansion in Dazhi last year, but they were accused by neighbors of being bad neighbors because the children ran and made noises in the early morning and late at night, which made the neighbors unbearable and greatly affected the quality of life. You need to see a physical and mental doctor and take sleeping pills to fall asleep.

With nowhere to appeal, in addition to calling the police, he decided to file a lawsuit.

The police revealed that in the middle of the night on the 18th of last month, they were reported to visit Sui Tang’s home, knocked on the door and rang the bell many times, but no one answered the door. Due to the noise problem, the police had no choice but to leave, and then explained the relevant rights to the people who reported the case. If you need to collect relevant evidence, you can file a complaint at the police station, and ask the management committee to help transfer the household to improve.

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However, Sui Tangjin said that her family had already gone to Hualien to celebrate the New Year that day, and she also had a certificate of accommodation, so it was not because she was unwilling to open the door, but because she was not at home at all and didn't know about it. From this point of view, I don't know where her neighbors heard about it. Noise, the matter became Rashomon.

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