"The number of students studying in the regions that suffered more destruction as a result of the earthquake is high."

Azerbaijan's ambassador to Turkey Rashad Mammadov said this in his statement to APA.

He said that we have students studying in two provinces - Mersin and Elazig - that were less affected by the earthquake.

"But there are also many of our students there.

About 700-800 of our students are in those provinces.

But if they want to leave, they will be evacuated.

Students in the region where the earthquake occurred - 100 in Kahramanmaraş, 27 in Hatay, 4 in Adıyaman, 35 in Osmaniye, 26 in Diyarbakır, 212 in Elazig, 14 in Urfa, 1 in Zonguldag, 86 in Antep, 169 in Adana, 2 in Kilis, 136 in Malatya.

All of them are being contacted.

All applications received by our operational headquarters are investigated."