Mr. Mo will fly to Europe to sing, looking forward to being inspired to write a new song.

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[Reporter Chen Huiling/Taipei Report] Mr. Mi, who has won the Golden Melody Award for the best orchestra, has good news. The bassist Enuo in the group revealed that in March this year, he will enter the auditorium with his non-circle girlfriend who has been running for the fifth year of love. He will also After the drummer Yifan, he is the second member of the troupe to be promoted to husband.

Although Enuo was busy preparing for the wedding, he was full of happiness, which made the members who grew up together very gratified. The lead singer Sheng Hao said: "We are very happy and touched for him to see Enuo complete important events in life!" The members of the group They had already reserved time and would not miss Enoch's wedding, but Enoch said with a smile: "Not only do you have to come to participate, the best situation is to perform at the wedding!"

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Mr. Moose's bass player Enoch will complete a major event in his life in March.

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Mr. Mi recently released a new album "Our Ten Years of WE LIVE Live Ten Records", recreating the live concert and allowing fans to relive the touch of the concert.

In February, Mr. Mi will go to Europe, Sweden and the United Kingdom to sing. The members said: "We are also looking forward to the different scenery, music culture and people, which will bring new inspiration and stimulation to Mr. Mi, and help accelerate the creation of the new album. When Mr. Mo went to perform in Paris last time, he was inspired to quickly complete the song "Voice". The trip to Europe will definitely inspire new things, and I am looking forward to this European performance." This song is also included in "Our Ten Years of WE LIVE Live Ten Records", and the live version of the MV will be launched at 8:00 pm on February 8th.

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