KID became a novice father and burst into tears when his son was vaccinated.

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[Reporter Lin Nangu/Taipei Report] "KID" Lin Bosheng welcomed his son "Mu Mu" in January. After more than a month of life as a novice father, he brought the baby home for a reunion on the 8th.

KID shared his feelings about being a father, revealing that just seeing his baby get the hepatitis B vaccine made him burst into tears, and was teased by the doctor: "I'm so full of emotions." KID said that before getting the vaccine, he made a bet with his wife that one of them thought that his son One is brave enough not to cry, the other feels he must.

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When the nurse inserted the needle, KID was the one who cried the most. "I burst into tears, my tears flowed wildly, my nose squirted wildly, and then the doctor couldn't help saying, 'Mr. Lin is very emotional'." Self-deprecating: "It's strange, the child was born by my wife, why do I have such hormones, and I am so fragile as a majestic savage."

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