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[Reporter Zhong Zhijun/Comprehensive Report] The well-known manga "TRIGUN" won the Japanese Science Fiction Literature Award in 2009. Today, the animated version of "TRIGUN" is still highly popular on streaming platforms; "Typhoon on Earth"'s gunslinger Weixi Steinbill returns, making anime fans crazy.

"Gun God TRIGUN" was first serialized in "Monthly Shonen CAPTAIN" in 1995, and soon after the monthly magazine was discontinued, "Gun God" was forced to suspend publication. It was not re-published under the name "TRIGUN MAXIMUM" until 1997. In 1998, it was published by VICTOR Corporation of Japan. Animate it.

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The protagonist, Welsh Steinbill, wearing a red coat and a blond man, was successfully imprinted in the hearts of the audience; the new version of the Gunslinger story retains a strong doomsday style of the American West, space and desert, and tells the story of veteran reporter Robert and rookie reporter May. The story of Li Rusfy and Wiser Steinbitt meeting and going on an adventure together.

The image of a blond man in a red coat is very distinctive.

(Provided by Lingbang)

Voice actor Matsuoka Jojo, who voiced Wiser Steinbeet, said: "When I learned that I got this role, I was more worried than happy. I love "Trigun", but I am also afraid of ruining everyone's good memories. Even though I went into the recording with a smile on my face, I was actually so nervous that my palms were sweating."

Director Kenji Muto said: "This is exactly what the role of Weixi needs. Under the seemingly relaxed appearance and daily life, it brings out the secrets of his own life experience and the huge conspiracy behind the scenes."

"TRIGUN STAMPEDE" is on the shelves of the major Ani-One platforms "Bahamut Animation Crazy | KKTV | Hami Video | Chunghwa Telecom MOD | friDay Video | MyVideo | LINE TV | CATCHPLAY+" and is updated every Saturday.

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