[Reporter Yi Huici/Taipei Report] Media person Weng Wanrou has a master's degree in media science from Japan and the United States. She used to be an international news reporter and anchor. She currently lives in New York, USA. She often shares her life in New York through social platforms. Recently, she recalled that she used to live in A fortune teller in Taiwan was told by a fortune teller that she had to have sex with 21 people to get rid of her bad fate. She was dumbfounded after hearing this.

Media personality Weng Wanrou.

(Flipping Facebook)

Weng Wanrou posted on Facebook, chatting with her best friend recently, remembering that she was very obsessed with fortune-telling when she was in her twenties. Once her boyfriend cheated on her at the time, she found an expensive fortune-teller in the Eastern District to calculate her marriage. The fortune-teller saw her and her ex-boyfriend "This is a bad fate. You have to have sex with 21 people to wash away this fate."

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She said that the fortune teller's words were like a blow to the head, not because it made sense, but because she felt that "he is working in the third primary school", and she finally chose to break up with her ex-boyfriend without "washing off" according to the fortune teller's method. Nie Yuan shouted domineeringly: "Yuelao has the knife to cut off fate, and I can have it myself."

Although there are teachers who are dumbfounding, there are also teachers who are very accurate. She said that when she returned to Taiwan from Japan and wanted to work, the fortune-teller said: "When you are in your thirties, you will have a chance to go to the United States, and your development will be good." Very good." At that time, she had no interest in American culture, and English was just a test tool, but after many years, she really came to the United States and settled down as the other party said.

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