Lin Zhixian used to be full of fat.

(Provided by Lin Zhixian)

[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] Lin Zhixian, a 53-year-old entertainer who won the championship in "Kangxi Is Coming" in the past, once had a relationship with the house goddess Xiao Jasmine. He has just ended a 4-year relationship, and the other party has a strong desire to control , because of a can of "jasmine fragrance" body wash, he overturned the jar of vinegar, which made him feel stressed, and finally broke up sadly because of the disagreement of values ​​between the two parties.

The old love often made jokes and jealousy because of him chatting with other hostesses. Lin Zhixian revealed that in fact, he and his girlfriend had agreed not to marry or have children, and to grow old together, but because of various problems, they had to agree to break up.

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Lin Zhixian's appearance after losing weight (provided by Lin Zhixian)

After Lin Zhixian broke up, he began to lose weight actively. After losing weight successfully, Taohua came to him immediately. A girl in her 20s confessed to him, but he thought that the age gap between the two was too big, and they would become father-daughter relationships. It is suitable, but the other party doesn't care at all. Even taking Zhao Zhengping and other artists as examples, age is not a problem at all.

Regarding the sudden straight ball confession, Lin Zhixian said frankly that there was indeed a little ripple in his heart.

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