Sonia Sui (left) and her husband Tony.

(File photo, photo by reporter Song Zhixiong)

[Reporter Xiao Fangqi/Taipei Report] 42-year-old Sui Tang and her husband Tony have 2 sons and 1 daughter. After the family of 5 moved to a mansion in Dazhi last year, neighbors accused the children of running and making noise early in the morning and late at night. The neighbors responded to Sui Tang and his wife. They failed many times, thinking that they were representatives of evil neighbors, so in addition to going to the police to complain twice, they also sued the couple.

Today, after the news broke out, it fermented for more than 12 hours, triggering many positive and negative discussions on the Internet, but Sui Tang only responded lately.

Sui Tang said: "It's a pity that everyone has different perceptions of noise, but at present it can only be resolved by law, so we will no longer respond to this matter."

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Regarding the noisy neighbors, she pointed out that she knew that the neighbors were sensitive to sound before buying the house, but she thought the house was very good and insisted on buying it. Later, the project of her home was entrusted to a design company with carte blanche. She pointed out that the floor of the house was added with sponge It is also nearly 30 cm thick. These are supported by pictures before and after construction. It seems that we have tried our best to do our best.

Sui Tang responded in full:

Today's news came out, and we were very calm, because since we moved into this community, as long as the neighbors downstairs did not get the expected response, the phrase "I know a lot of media" would appear.

You may think, how can you say such things if you have good communication?

But my downstairs neighbor is a little special.

When I went to see the house for the first time, I was enthusiastically told that it was a good house when I encountered the concern of the residents of the building, but the neighbor downstairs was a little troublesome, and kindly reminded us that if we need to renovate in the future, we can strengthen the sound insulation, which will save a lot of things. I didn’t know until later One day, the downstairs neighbor once brought a hammer upstairs to scold the mother and son who were alone at home because they thought the upstairs was noisy.

In addition, the atrium of this community is a fountain, but it is almost never turned on and only left there (about five days in half a year). After asking the management office, the answer I got was the same request from the downstairs neighbor who thought it was too noisy. turn off.

With these lessons learned from the past, we had some concerns about the neighbors downstairs, but because we liked the environment here in Dazhi, we finally bought this house, and even thought we were lucky when the transaction price was cheaper than others.

But starting from decorating the house, problems gradually emerged.

At that time, the downstairs neighbor’s wife started to go upstairs to supervise the work from time to time, and told our designer that she was a person who took sleeping pills every day, so she made some requests that we must deal with, otherwise she would be really uncomfortable. , including 1. She hoped that we would thicken the floor so that it would be quieter; 2. A layer of sponge should be wrapped under the stairs to improve the structural vibration problems that existed in the building (we did not move the main structure such as the stairs, for 3. The old trees in our yard need to be cut down, because if there is wind, the sound of the branches hitting the walls or pillars of the building will be heard downstairs and it will disturb her and so on.

Our project is a carte blanche design company, so even if we have never met our neighbors during the process of buying a house and decorating, for the sake of everyone's peace and the personal safety of the whole family, we still tell the design and engineering team what the neighbor's wife downstairs asks us We did our best, so we cut down the tree, and the floor of the house plus the sponge is nearly 30 cm thick. There are pictures before and after construction to prove it.

But trying to meet these requirements is a trivial matter. The most difficult thing is that these requirements have no end.

The downstairs neighbor's wife would ring the doorbell during normal life time, hoping that the children would be quiet. If we opened the door, we never opened the door, but complained loudly and hysterically to the adults and children at home. card), so we decided not to open the door for them anymore, because we don't want children to go through such crazy scenes all the time.

Because of this, the neighbors downstairs began to ask the guards in the management room to call us on the intercom for them. Under the disturbance, we politely asked the management room not to help them dial the intercom to our house.

(In the report, the downstairs neighbor said that the children often make noise from six o'clock to midnight. This is very unbelievable. In fact, our home schedule is very simple and regular, and we never have parties. The children regularly get up at 6:30 in the morning and go downstairs for breakfast. Require children to walk slowly instead of running, because such a basket (hollow) spiral staircase is very dangerous. On weekdays, they must go to school at 7:30 in the morning, have dinner at 6 in the evening, and go to bed from 8:00 to 8:30 in the evening. So basically It will be extremely quiet from 9 o'clock in the evening, because we want our children to sleep well more than anyone else. Of course, these daily routines can also be proved by adjusting the monitor screen at any time.)

One Sunday morning, when we were going out, we ran into the downstairs neighbor’s wife. She once again yelled directly at the children’s faces not to get up early on Sunday because she was used to getting up late. My child, don’t be cruel to my child anymore, I can’t control the time when children wake up during the holidays, as soon as you see them, you always yell at them and ask them to do this, is it right, or do you get up earlier?” (It turned out to be taken out of context).

In short, children become very afraid of running into their downstairs neighbors when they go out, because the same scene will continue to happen in the elevator, stairwell, and atrium.

Finally, once we ran into Mr. J, the downstairs neighbor. Mr. J seemed much calmer than his wife. He told us that he hoped to find a way to change the situation of the two families. At this time, we also told him that we were very happy to finally be able to talk and have a good time. Discuss the matter itself, and the husband also told us that he is very aware of his wife's situation, and apologized for his pounding on our door and yelling for scaring the children (these also have monitor screens), so we exchanged lines, I hope The two sides can move forward and coordinate in a good direction.

But it is a pity that even the mediation committee suggested to the downstairs neighbors that in such a situation, the best way is that they also strengthen the ceiling. Floor mats of specified styles.

In the end, in the video of the police knocking on the door, we didn’t answer the door, but we were not at home at all. We didn’t know about it because we went to Hualien for the Chinese New Year.



(Also have proof of accommodation)

That's all that happened.

Thank you to everyone who has read it, and thank you to the residents of the same community for your encouragement. In fact, whether you agree or not, we have to sincerely apologize for taking up social news resources for housework.

In fact, we really feel sorry for the neighbor's wife downstairs who is a person who is more sensitive to sound, so we try our best to make any request whether it is reasonable or unreasonable. To finish, to make the equipment that needs to be done, because we are self-aware and know that it is difficult to control three children to silence, but we are really tired in the face of endless demands.

It's a pity that everyone's perception of noise is different, but it can only be resolved by law at present, so we will no longer respond to this matter.

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