[Reporter Zhong Zhijun/Taipei Report] "Dongdong" Dongjiexiang, a member of South Korea's new generation popular group "ENHYPEN", looks like Ke Zhendong. He once had the title of "most handsome high school student". This time, he will strive to be the "best trainee" !

"Dongdong" Dong Jiexiang was said to look like Ke Zhendong, and he ventured into the South Korean entertainment industry alone.

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Dong Dong crossed the sea to venture into the South Korean entertainment industry, participated in the South Korean idol talent show "BOYS PLANET", and took time to sing the Korean version of the hit song "Want to See You" as a self-introduction. The short 15-second video attracted attention and was praised by netizens: " Please, sing more!"

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After several months of training in South Korea, he was once said to be like "Taiwan version of Zhang Yixing". He also combined the handsome looks of Edison Chen and Ke Zhendong. He blew himself up wearing lip balm every day. So far, he has made friends with new friends from Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and other places. Friends, I especially appreciate "SEVENTEEN" Kim Mingyu, who praises Kim Mingyu for his good looks and cute personality.

Dongdong hopes that everyone can continue to lock in "BOYS PLANET", emphasizing that he will do his best to show more different selves.

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