[Reporter Xiao Fangqi/Taipei Report] After Sui Tang, her husband Tony, and 3 children moved into their new home in Dazhibaiping, Taipei last year, it was accidentally revealed that they allowed the children to make noise and disturb the neighbors. She issued a thousand-character text to fight back, from seeing her new home all the way to the current state of mind transition, she also exposed that the neighbor had "brought a hammer upstairs to scold the former residents".

She said today, "When the news came out today, we were very calm, because since we moved into this community, as long as the neighbors downstairs did not get the expected response, the phrase "I know a lot of media" will appear. Maybe everyone will think, How can you say something like this without good communication? But my downstairs neighbor is a little special."

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Sonia Sui.

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Sui Tang revealed that when he went to see the house for the first time, he was enthusiastically told that it was a good house when he encountered the concern of the residents of the building, "It's just that the neighbor downstairs is a little troublesome, and kindly reminded us that if we need to renovate in the future, we can strengthen the sound insulation and save a lot of things. , I found out later that the downstairs neighbor once brought a hammer upstairs to scold the mother and son who were alone at home because they thought the upstairs was noisy.”

Sui Tang detailed the process of being charged, and also thanked the residents in the same community for their encouragement, "Actually, whether we agree or not, we have to sincerely apologize for taking up social news resources for housework." , I also have empathy for the neighbors who are sensitive to sound, so I try my best to fulfill the demands of the neighbors, whether they are reasonable or unreasonable, "because we have self-knowledge and know that the three children It was difficult to control the silence, but it was also really exhausting to face the endless demands."

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