On February 7, Belarusian Piotr Markelov appealed on his Facebook page with a request to help cover a fine of 60,000 crowns, which he needs to pay within 30 days, for the damage caused to the Czech state.

According to the activist, if he does not do this, he will be sent to 200 hours of correctional work.

In his comments to Svaboda, Markelov said that he is going to pay the fine, but he is counting on the help of caring people who positively assessed his performance.

Extract from the decision of the Czech court in the name of Pyotr Markelov

Belarusian Piotr Markelov, who lives and studies in the Czech Republic, held an action in the IKEA furniture store in Prague last November.

He cut down the bedside tables, poured paint over them and through the loudspeaker announced in English that he was reacting in this way to the company's cooperation with the authorities of Belarus.

IKEA estimated the damage at 205,658 Czech crowns, which is equivalent to almost 8,500 euros.

"For 10 years, IKEA used forced unpaid labor in Belarusian colonies, including political prisoners.

As long as such companies support Lukashenka's regime, I cannot return home.

IKEA must pay!”

- this is how Piotr Markelov commented on his November action.

The representative office of IKEA denies that it used the labor of prisoners.

The police detained Markelov, but released him six hours later.

As Markelov noted in his comments to Svaboda, in October he applied for the renewal of his permanent residence permit and expects that the decision of the Czech authorities, despite the case against him, will be positive.

Now he is a Belarusian on vacation until March, according to him, during this time he works as an online developer.

The funds he earns should be enough to pay the fine, but he also counts on money from donors.

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