Studies have pointed out that having a quality conversation with friends once a day can help improve daily well-being and reduce stress; the picture shows a situational photo.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] One chat with friends can improve daily happiness!

A study by the University of Kansas in the United States found that having quality conversations with friends, such as reminiscing about the past, meaningful conversations, joking, caring, listening, valuing others and their opinions, and heartfelt praise can help increase happiness and reduce stress. And feel happier at the end of the day; study published in Communication Research.

According to Science Daily, study co-author Jeffrey Hall, a professor of communication at the University of Kansas and an expert on friendship, said the study was a high-quality study set in the context of human relationships. Conversation, many studies have shown that interacting with others more often can make people feel less lonely and happier, but this study confirms that while more times are better, one can actually make you feel happier.

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The study involved more than 900 subjects at 5 universities, before the pandemic lockdown, during the pandemic lockdown, and after the pandemic lifted the lockdown, daily reminiscing, meaningful conversation, joking, caring, listening, and valuing others and their Opinions, heartfelt praise, one of them, and report their stress, anxiety, happiness, loneliness and the quality of life of the day that night. It turns out that it doesn't matter which kind of communication is carried out, the important thing is to communicate with friends.

Hall pointed out that in view of the fact that there are more social networking sites now, the research is not limited to face-to-face, but compared with electronic and social networking sites, face-to-face high-quality conversations have a higher correlation with well-being, which also proves that Setting aside a little time every day to chat with friends will not only reduce stress, but also make life better.

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