Ouyang Nana transferred her career to China.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Ouyang Nana debuted with the second-generation blood of her father Ouyang Long and mother Fu Juan. Since her debut, she has actively developed her business to China. At the age of 22, she has created her own clothing brand. A bathrobe sells for 988 yuan Renminbi (approximately NT$4,375) was ruthlessly kicked out by netizens. The cost of the bathrobe was only 65 yuan (approximately NT$287), which caused controversy.

The bathrobes sold by Ouyang Nana cost 988 yuan.

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The bunny ear bathrobe launched by Ouyang Nana sparked heated discussions.

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Ouyang Nana recently launched a clothing brand under the nickname "nabi". The products include scarves, trousers, pajamas, bathrobes, socks and other close-fitting clothing. What sparked the discussion was that a bathrobe with rabbit ears actually cost 4,375 yuan.

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Netizens blasted that Ouyang Nana's bathrobe was rough, and the cost was less than 300 yuan.

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According to rumors, some netizens kicked Ouyang Nana for allegedly accumulating money, pointing out that the cost of each bathrobe is only 287 yuan, only a simple logo and the name "Ouyang Nana" are used to drive up the price. Chinese netizens are all dumbfounded: "Look I don’t know if there is any design....” But there are also fans who support it: “Just support Nana!”

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