Unbelievable that something like this will happen to a singer while opening a concert on stage???



, a famous singer, was hit by a fan who visited a pub in Pathum Thani province.

Jump up to the stage and punch your face upside down.

Fortunately, he was not seriously injured.

Before that,


, a new rising star artist who is gaining popularity as a firework.

was hit by a female tourist

Throw a bundle of banknotes in your face.


while performing a concert in a pub in Chonburi as well

In the past, we rarely saw it appear.

This happened to a singer who was physically assaulted by a mad fan while performing.

or insulting each other in public before!!

Whether it's shocking or not, it would be like that.

Because people in the entertainment industry came out to express a lot of opinions.

It's like our country is falling into a "dark age" already or how??

Many singers say

This is a direct insult to the artist's dignity and dignity.

Violent enough to attack on stage in front of hundreds of thousands of people!!

believe that events like this will not stop here

But it will definitely happen again.

Causing all famous singers to be intensely careful while performing on stage

The card team, the artist's personal team.

Must be careful every step of the way.

Because from the clip that appears in the case of

"Eh-Jirakorn", it's clear that the card works very loosely.

If that night

The man who burst onto the stage had a weapon in his hand.

How serious will it be, do not want

to think??

Let's say that the entertainment world that creates happiness for the audience

It no longer rejoices with music.

But it is ready to change into violence against the artist at any time!!