Information about this was published by on the official page of the Belarusian State Philharmonic on Facebook.

It is not clear whether the theater will work after the director's departure, there is a real risk of losing him.

As interlocutors from the sphere of culture told Zerkalo, Diaghilev's dismissal was not political.

This year, the actress turns 76 years old.

But there are other reasons.

In September 2022, the authorities suspended the work of the Red Church - it was the venue for "Znich" in the late nineties: a special hall was equipped there.

Since then, no more performances have been held.

The poster was last updated in September.


Vyacheslav Shakolida

died - the only actor who was on the staff of the theater.

Now "Znich" has not been working for almost 5 months.

There is not a single actor in the staff, the position of director and artistic director are vacant - nothing has been announced about a new appointment.

There is a danger that this theater will disappear.

After the events of 2020, Minsk already lost the Modern Art Theater, which was closed by the authorities.

Most of the troupe left the Kupala Theater.

Theater "Znich" appeared in 1989, and showed its first performance a year later in Polotsk.

The founder of "Znich" was

Galina Diagileva,

who before that

For 17 years (1968-1985) she worked at the Yakub Kolas Theater in Vitebsk.

"Znich" did not have its own venue, it performed in the National Library, on the small stage of the Kupala Theater, in the Theater of the Young Spectator and in other places.

At the end of the nineties, "Znich" had its own theater hall in the Red Church.

The driving force behind the group's activities was Dziagileva, who was the author of stagings, performer and director of one-man performances based on the works of

Yanka Kupala, Vasyl Vitka, Nilo Gilevich

and other Belarusian writers.

Performances of this theater were shown at festivals both in Belarus and abroad.