Liao Keyi is preparing for a full comeback (reviewed on Facebook)

[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] After Liao Keyi married Qin Lingqian again, many women claimed to be emotional victims. For this reason, Liao Keyi apologized and admitted that he had indeed been unfaithful in his previous relationship. However, after more than a month, Liao Keyi seems to have returned with full blood, and the latest developments are released today.

Although Liao Keyi is not renewing his contract with Asia Travel Channel, he still went to Europe to record for the program before, and it is still archived, and it may still be broadcast in the future. He also took the business class of the high-speed rail to give a speech at Tainan School, sweeping away the many previous episodes. The haze of the female accusation, netizens also cheered him up one after another. It is known that he was invited to a large-scale speech on the theme of travel sharing, and he went deep into the campus to share his travel experience with students. It seems that he will make a full comeback in the future.

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