Lee Seung-ki and Lee Da-in have achieved positive results.

(Photo taken from Lee Seung Gi, Lee Da In IG)

[Reporter Liao Lihui/Comprehensive Report] The 36-year-old Korean male god Lee Seung-gi announced his marriage in a handwritten letter today (7th). He will marry his girlfriend Lee Da-in who has been in love for nearly two years. Bubble.

Lee Da-in is also an actor. He once acted in the Korean drama "Alice". Although the two are talented and beautiful, Lee Da-in has a lot of controversy, which once caused dissatisfaction among Lee Seung-gi's fans, who used "truck protests" to oppose the relationship between the two.

After the 30-year-old Lee Da-in was revealed to be in love with Lee Seung-gi, all related controversies were raised. Her mother, Zhen Meili, was suspected of insider trading. Lee Da-in’s biological father, Lin Rongkui, was involved in many cases of fraud, injury, and sexual crimes. As for Lee Da-in's stepfather, Lee Hong-hyun, who is also an "economic criminal", he once traded stocks for illegal profits, and has appeared on social news pages many times.

In addition, Lee Da-in's family lives in a luxury house, and they often post famous brands on IG. They are criticized for flaunting their wealth. The family's image in Korea is really not very good.

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Therefore, when Lee Seung Gi confessed his love for Lee Da In, it is not difficult to understand why the fans were dissatisfied.

Some radicals even drove a truck to demonstrate, with the words "We have protected you for 17 years, now Lee Seung Gi will protect the fans", "It's okay if you don't know, now we let you know, they made many people become victims", " 17 years to the present, do you want to give up now? Make a decision quickly!" Every word and every word is urging Lee Seung Gi to "turn back and be right".

In 2022, there was even news that Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da Yin had broken up. At that time, Lee Seung Gi also posted a message to protect his love, saying, "My position and situation have not changed at all!" Confirming that the relationship with Lee Da Yin remains the same.

Now Lee Seung Gi has also publicly announced that he will marry Lee Da In as his wife. I also hope that everyone will cheer for their future and live happily ever after.

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