Often brides doubt before buying a wedding dress - whether they are making the right choice or whether they will look good in this dress at the ceremony.

But a girl from the USA named Jennifer Wirth is very lucky in this regard - she has a twin sister Lee, who looks like her like two drops of water.

In September 2022, Jennifer's lover, American basketball player Corey Kispert, proposed to her, after which she went in search of the same outfit.

In one of the stores, she asked her twin sister to try on a dress she liked, to evaluate the dress from the side, and she posted the video on TikTok and it went viral.

"You make your twin try on wedding dresses on a date so you can see how they'll look on you from every angle," the video says.

@wirth_twins Perks if being a twin part 918377 #twins #twinsisters #weddingdress #twinperks ♬ original sound - Layde_Shy

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