Zhuang Renxiang, deputy director of the CDC, said that there were 10 new severe cases of influenza and 1 death from influenza.

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[Reporter Lin Huiqin/Taipei Report] The CDC of the Ministry of Health and Welfare announced today that there were 10 new cases of severe influenza in the past week. Among them, the youngest was an 8-year-old boy who was still being treated in the intensive care unit, and another death case was added. , a female elder in her 90s, went to the doctor due to respiratory symptoms and fever on January 9, and died on February 2.

Zhuang Renxiang, deputy director of the CDC, pointed out that the 10 new cases of severe influenza were 7 males and 3 females, ranging in age from under 10 to over 90 years old. Not vaccinated against this season's flu vaccine, and the onset date was between January 23 and 31 this year.

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Among them, the youngest is an 8-year-old boy who has neuromuscular disease. He was hospitalized with respiratory fusion virus at the end of December last year and was admitted to the intensive care unit. He was discharged from the hospital on January 16 this year and was cared for at home with a nasogastric tube. Then he had symptoms such as cough and sputum, and developed fever and dyspnea. He was sent to the emergency department of the hospital. X-ray examination showed pneumonia, but the new crown screening was negative and the flu was positive. , who is still under intensive care, and the fever has subsided.

In addition, 1 new death case was added, a female elderly in her 90s, with a history of underlying diseases such as high blood pressure, gout, atrial fibrillation, and renal cysts. She had not been vaccinated against this season's flu vaccine and sought medical treatment on January 9 due to respiratory symptoms and fever. On the same day, he was hospitalized for testing, and the rapid influenza screening test showed type A H3N2. Later, he died of illness on February 2 due to acute stroke, chronic renal failure and respiratory failure.

According to the monitoring data of the CDC, there were 47,004 outpatient and emergency visits to influenza-like patients last week, an increase of 28.1% from the previous week's 36,679 visits. 47,109 visitors are equivalent.

Zhuang Renxiang explained that in the past 4 weeks, the respiratory viruses isolated by the contract laboratory are mainly influenza virus, followed by adenovirus and respiratory fusion virus. Weekly school starts, and the risk of epidemic transmission is rising. It is necessary to continue to increase vigilance and monitor changes in the epidemic situation.

In the past, influenza was still prevalent after March, so it must be observed again.

Since entering this flu season in October last year, there have been 37 cases of severe influenza, including 31 cases of A-type H3N2, 2 cases of A-type H1N1, and 4 cases of B-type). 92% had not been vaccinated against this season's influenza, and 78% had a history of chronic diseases; 5 of them died (4 cases of H3N2, 1 case of B type), all of whom were over 65 years old with a history of chronic diseases, and none of them had received this season's influenza vaccine.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reminds that it is currently the season for flu and other respiratory diseases. People who appreciate lanterns and travel must practice frequent hand washing, wear masks, and rest at home when sick. If you have flu-like symptoms such as fever and cough, you should pay attention to whether you have difficulty breathing or shortness of breath. , cyanosis (hypoxia) and other dangerous signs, wearing a mask to see a doctor as soon as possible, especially the elderly over 65 years old, infants, high-risk chronic patients and pregnant women and other high-risk groups of influenza should pay special attention to their own health.

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