Korean silver couple Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin welcomed the birth of their son at the end of last year. They were happy to be promoted to novice parents. Hyun Bin also ended his marriage leave and began to expose in front of the screen one after another for "milk powder money".

Recently, he appeared on the cover of a fashion magazine for the first time after becoming a father. However, the long hair and beard look not only looks "older" than before marriage, but also makes many fans suffer: it is so tiring to have children !

Hyun Bin appeared with a "beard" when he was promoting the movie a few days ago.

(taken from twitter)

Hyun Bin recently appeared on the cover of the latest issue of Korean fashion magazine "DAZED KOREA".

He has shot three versions of the cover for the magazine this time. In the pictures, you can see him changing his looks handsomely, including a handsome white shirt, a midnight blue suit, and a layered combination of down jacket and bomber jacket. Wait, these outfits are all designed by Italy's top cashmere brand Loro Piana; Xuan Bin has served as the brand's spokesperson since September 2021. Not only has he appeared in fashion magazines wearing brand clothes before and after marriage many times, He can be seen wearing the brand's designs when he attends film press conferences and even airport fashion during his honeymoon. The spokesperson can be said to have done a very responsible job.

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Hyun Bin appeared on the cover of the new issue of "DAZED KOREA".

(Intercepted from dazedkorea IG)

Hyun Bin appeared on the cover of the new issue of "DAZED KOREA".

(Intercepted from dazedkorea IG)

Hyun Bin's body shape is all designed by Loro Piana.

(Intercepted from dazedkorea IG)

Hyun Bin wore Loro Piana's design on the cover of fashion magazines on the eve of his wedding and after his wedding.

(Intercepted from dazedkorea, wwd IG)

However, many fans focused their attention on his beard and long hair!

At the end of last year, when promoting the new film "The Wire Negotiation", Hyun Bin became the focus of netizens' topic because he changed his previous clean and neat style and replaced it with a beard and long oily hair.

At that time, many netizens were not used to this look and shouted "the appearance collapsed"; this time he also attracted attention with a similar makeup and hair style in the magazine, although he was full of atmosphere with the deliberately created lighting and scenery , but the mature appearance still makes many fans feel sorry for "Are you tired?", "No! My son has woken up", "Novice parents don't sleep", "Please stop crying son".

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