The GOVERNMENT has said that the health insurance bill for all when it is finalized will be a solution to reduce the cost of payments for mothers who give birth naturally and operations

This was said by the Deputy Minister of Health, Godwin Mollel today February 7, 203 in Parliament in Dodoma answering the question of Temeke Member of Parliament Doroth Kilave who asked what is the government's plan to reduce payment costs for mothers who give birth naturally and those who have an operation?

The health insurance bill for all is expected to be sent to parliament tomorrow, Thursday.

According to the document of the Ministry of Health on the definition of the Bill, Through the proposed Law, the Minister in charge of health issues through the Code will set the contribution levels based on the need for services, actual medical costs and the ability of citizens to contribute and the existing recommendations will depend public opinion and the consent of other authorities.

In addition, Kilave asked an additional question that he wanted to know what plan the government has for birth control equipment for women to eliminate the costs of buying such equipment including cotton.

Answering the question, Mollel said that it is a matter of policy that pregnant women and children under five years of age should not be charged for treatment.

He has asked the heads of districts and regions to cooperate with the Ministry of Health to manage the issue.