Liu Mengguan, an internal medicine physician at Yingxin Hospital, said that body fat standards will vary with age and gender, and keeping body fat within the normal standard can ensure a good physical condition.

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[Reporter Wang Hanping/Tainan Report] During the festival, it is easy to overeat and drink too much, and the body accumulates too much fat, which has a great impact on blood sugar and cardiovascular. Liu Mengguan, an internal medicine doctor at Yingxin Hospital, said that body fat standards will vary according to age and gender. Only when body fat is within the normal standard can a good physical condition be ensured.

Liu Mengguan said that generally speaking, the body fat rate of men is ≦25%, and the body fat rate of women is ≦30%. Is the lower the body fat the better? Moisturizing the skin and other functions, and can slow down the damage to the internal organs when the body is hit.

At the same time, it can secrete a variety of hormones to maintain the normal operation of the human body.

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She pointed out that excessive body fat will cause three highs (hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar), which increase the risk of chronic diseases, but too low body fat will reduce the protection of internal organs, weaken immunity, and osteoporosis, etc. question.

Medical research has shown that excessive body fat will increase "insulin resistance" and affect the work efficiency of insulin (insulin helps glucose in the blood enter cells such as muscles and liver and convert it into energy needed by the body), making people unable to effectively control blood sugar , and even diabetes.

When too much fat accumulates in the endothelial cells of the inner wall of blood vessels, it will easily cause narrowing and hardening of blood vessels, and blood pressure will also increase, increasing the risk of stroke, myocardial infarction, and kidney disease.

Dietitian Shen Bifeng suggested that people who need to lose weight should first set the goal to lose fat and lose excess body fat. Therefore, the total calories for a day should be controlled within 1200~1500 calories to maintain the body's basic metabolism. Combined with exercise to burn calories and burn fat, you can naturally lose weight.

Liu Mengguan said that for those who have difficulty in weight control, they can discuss with their doctors whether to use drugs to help them lose weight. In addition to the help of drugs, they should still pay attention to the content of the diet. The public can consult a dietitian to match their diet and get proper nutrition. In order to be thin and healthy.

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