Song Yixuan has a tall figure of 180.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] The 36-year-old actress Song Yixuan has a tall figure of 180 cm. She made her debut as a model in the early days. During the Chinese New Year, I had an operation in the hospital because the menstrual bleeding lasted for more than half a month. I was checked by the doctor until a few days ago, and was told that if it was delayed, it would be cervical cancer.

Song Yixuan's menstrual bleeding lasted for more than half a month, and the examination found that she was close to cervical cancer.

(Reposted from Facebook)

Song Yixuan said on Facebook that she went to the hospital for an operation at the beginning of the Chinese New Year, "Because in recent months, menstruation has been coming twice a month! The last time was when I came back from Japan, and the blood flow continued for half a month!" I thought it was because I was too tired to comfort myself, but I went to the doctor to check out polyps. After a few days, the doctor notified me and came back to see the report. , sort out this carcinoma in situ, and follow up regularly, there will be no problem!" 

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Song Yixuan revealed that after the operation, her health is in good condition, and there is no problem with follow-up visits. She also appeals to everyone not to underestimate any warning signs from the body. "It is really important to talk about "six minutes of life protection" on TV!" She also added in the comment area that the operation was performed on January 20, "They are alive and kicking now! But thanks to the children, I haven't been able to take them around this Chinese New Year."

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