Leila married DJ Tangyu in February last year.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Leila, a member of the YouTuber group "Anti-Bone Boy", married DJ Tang Yu in February last year. In less than a year, she announced the happy news of her second child in December.

Recently, Leila's personal channel subscription has exceeded the 900,000 mark. She specially shot Q&A videos to answer fans' curiosity. There are many spicy questions "how many times a week" and "how many sex positions are there?" Questions are also generously shared.

Talking about the number of intercourse, Leila revealed that she is currently pregnant for 4 months, and the fetus is still in the early stage, so it is not suitable for that kind of thing, and her husband Tang Yu will also be afraid.

The couple also consulted a professional doctor. Male semen contains prostaglandins, which are similar to oxytocin. If intercourse may cause female uterine contractions, "there may be signs of miscarriage." Sexual behavior is not suitable for late pregnancy, and there is a risk of premature birth. .

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Leila shot a Q&A video to answer fans' curiosity.

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Laila answered private questions generously.

(recapped from YouTube)

As for what timing is most suitable, she answered that it was the second trimester, and then a fan asked, "How many positions will there be at a time?" She shyly said, "There will be about 3 to 5, tossing and turning on the bed." But after being together for a long time There are only 2 positions left: "front and back". In the video, Laila talks about private topics without shyness, and the Q&A content makes people blush and heartbeat.

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