The human rights center "Viasna" reported that in 2021, the imprisoned citizen of Russia

Mykolai Khrol

was severely beaten - his collarbone was broken and he was not given the necessary medical care.

Now the man's bones have fused incorrectly and one of them rests on his throat, and his right hand is partially disabled.

According to human rights activists, in order to hide the fact of the beating, the administration sent the prisoner to a cell-type facility (PCT).

Since Mikalai is a foreigner, a citizen of Russia, he will be deported after serving his sentence.

According to which article of the Criminal Code Hrol was convicted, there is no information.

It is known that he wrote a complaint about the beating, which was able to go beyond the borders of the colony, but the previous checks on this fact never came.

At the same time, the prisoner even has the conclusion of the medical rehabilitation expert commission.

On February 6, a trial was held in the Navopolatsk court to change Khrol's detention regime.

His outcome is unknown, it is possible that he will be transferred from the colony to one of the "covered" prisons.

Former police prisoner

Vadim Khizhnyakou,

who was serving a term in PC No. 1, confirmed to "Viasna" that the administration is trying to hide the traces of beatings:

"Injuries as a result of violence are hidden and people with them are isolated.

In most cases, such injuries are inflicted in SHIZA, so that there would be no witnesses.

In such cases, a person can be kept for 30 or more days, even 120 (!) to heal.

Then, of course, some medicines and help are given so that he does not die... Although there is a saying: it is easier to write off a prisoner than a guard dog... After that, usually such people are transferred to the PKT so that they do not tell anything, because from the PKT they go to the unit zone, mainly - they are released or sent to prison."