Physicians pointed out that eating too little protein, not eating starch, doing sports that I don’t like, staying up late, and not enjoying delicious food are all reasons that make weight loss difficult.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] When it comes to weight loss, the intuition is to eat less and exercise more, but eating too little may also be one of the reasons why you can't lose weight!

Physicians share that patients often say "how can you not lose weight even though you eat very little?" In fact, eating too little, especially the intake of key nutrients, is one of the main reasons for not losing weight. In addition, eating too little protein, not eating Starch, doing exercises you don't like, staying up late, and not enjoying delicious food are all reasons that make weight loss difficult.

Xiao Jiejian, the weight management physician at Sanshu Oriole Clinic, posted on the Facebook page "Weight Loss Physician Xiao Jiejian" that the metabolic recovery during the Chinese New Year will make it difficult to break through the bottleneck in the next year. At this time, you can reverse thinking and make weight loss difficult. Are there any of the following 5 reasons?

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●Eating too little, especially protein

Xiao Jiejian explained that if you eat too little for a long time, your body will think you are in a famine. In order to make us live longer, your body will lower your metabolism and stagnate your weight loss.

Especially if you eat too little protein, not only will your metabolism be greatly reduced, but your body will also send out a strong sense of hunger to make you eat.

Xiao Jiejian further explained that in addition to protein to maintain muscle metabolism, the body also needs immunoglobulins to resist viruses when sick.

If we don’t eat enough protein, our body will think that we are malnourished; if we don’t eat protein, it is easy to lose muscle when we lose weight, and then return to a normal diet. When fat is added, the result will be fatter than before.

●do not eat starch

Xiao Jiejian said that there are two ways for the body to store energy: Fat, starch and sugar eaten become glycogen in the liver and muscles.

The body is like a gasoline-electric hybrid car, which can burn fat and glycogen to generate energy.

Xiao Jiejian explained that not eating starch means that only one engine is left running. In the long run, metabolism will deteriorate, and problems such as hair loss, hormonal imbalance, and bowel movements will begin to appear.

It is necessary to eat starch at least 3-4 days a week, especially on the day when the body is physically active, and it can also strengthen the body's ability to metabolize starch.

● do sports that you don't like

Xiao Jiejian used dating as a metaphor for sports. After the end, one should be able to look forward to the next time.

Many people go to the gym to sign up, buy a coaching class, the coach is strict, like dating a horror lover, and never go again after the session.

While weight training works best for building muscle and losing fat, he believes it's more important to do what you enjoy.

● stay up late

Xiao Jiejian pointed out that if you sleep less than 7 hours, there will be hormonal problems: the stress hormone cortisol will rise, and the growth hormone will also be messed up, which will make it impossible to burn fat at night, and your appetite will increase during the day, making it easier to be hungry and absorb .

●No need to rest assured to enjoy delicious food

Xiao Jiejian said that many diets divide food into good food and bad food, which will cause you to feel guilty after eating bad food.

However, all bad foods have one thing in common: they are delicious.

It is very difficult for us not to touch these foods completely. In the long run, we will not be able to balance our hearts, and we will fall into a cycle of guilt after eating.

Xiao Jiejian said that at this time, you can use the rule of 82, 80% of a meal is healthy food such as protein and vegetables, and 20% is anything you want to eat; or choose 2-3 days in a week, choose a meal Eat anything you want, follow a plan, and turn guilt into rewards and behavioral reinforcement.

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