Her husband and President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, published a touching post of congratulations for his beloved on his Instagram blog.

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Publication by Volodymyr Zelensky (@zelenskiy_official)

"My dear OV, I want to thank you. For the fact that you ARE. In my life. For the fact that you are here now. For your faith in Ukraine and Victory. For the fact that you strengthen me. For all the years, hours, minutes... and once again in THIS year. How did you represent Ukraine.

For our wonderful children, for OV and KV.

I congratulate you on your DN.

I wish you ONE.

So that the day of victory of HUMANS over ORCS will come sooner in your life.

In our life...

In the life of all the people!

I wish, I love, I congratulate!

Beloved OV, your VO," reads Zelenskyi's caption under the photo of the first lady. In the photo, Mrs. Olena is shown in profile, she has a beautiful hairstyle, discreet make-up on her face and several earrings in her ears. She is dressed, it seems, in a business suit.

Let us remind you that Olena Zelenska also congratulated her husband Volodymyr on his birthday, which he celebrated on January 25.

Her post then was also very touching and emotional.

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