Lin Weiting, a general surgeon at Tainan City Hospital, pointed out that laser ablation of hemorrhoids is suitable for patients with prolapsed hemorrhoids of grade 2 to grade 3.

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[Reporter Wang Junzhong/Tainan Report] 50-year-old Mr. Chen needs to stand for a long time and carry heavy objects due to work factors. Swelling of hemorrhoids. Over time, the swelling of hemorrhoids becomes more and more serious, often accompanied by pain and burning sensation. It is necessary to push back the protruding hemorrhoids to relieve it.

He went to Tainan City Hospital for minimally invasive hemorrhoid ablation surgery. One day after the operation, the pain relieved a lot, and he returned home to recuperate. Two weeks after the operation, the original hemorrhoid area shrunk by more than half, and he returned to work soon.

Lin Weiting, a general surgeon at Tainan City Hospital, pointed out that there is a "serrated line" in the normal anal structure of the human body, and the submucosa tissue above the serrated line is called the anal cushion.

If the anus exerts force for a long time or the stool is not smooth, the varicose veins in the submucosa of the anal canal are formed, which is the so-called hemorrhoids, which can be divided into 4 grades:

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Grade 1

: Bleeding; but the hemorrhoids will not prolapse when defecating or straining.

Grade 2

: The hemorrhoid prolapses but retracts automatically during defecation or exertion.

Level 3

: During defecation or exertion, external force is required to push back the hemorrhoids after prolapse.

Grade 4

: After prolapse, it cannot be pushed back by hand, or it will prolapse again when standing or walking after pushing back.

Lin Weiting said that after an anoscopy, it was found that Mr. Chen's hemorrhoids were very swollen and had prolapsed beyond the dentate line. Although he could push them back with bare hands, they would prolapse out of the anus after standing up. He had tried medicine and sitting. Conservative treatment in the bath, but the effect was not good, and finally underwent minimally invasive hemorrhoid ablation surgery. Compared with the traditional surgery in the past, this surgery has smaller wounds, less bleeding, and less pain. Most of them can be discharged the next day after surgery. Afterwards, the complete curative effect can be achieved, and the dilemma of patients who are afraid of surgery due to postoperative discomfort and continue to suffer from hemorrhoids is greatly reduced.

Lin Weiting said that most hemorrhoids are asymptomatic; mild symptoms require conservative treatment; severe cases require surgical intervention.

Asymptomatic patients can control their diet, maintain smooth bowel movements, and avoid alcohol, coffee, and other spicy foods to prevent symptoms from worsening. Conservative treatment includes softening stools, applying hemorrhoid ointment locally, and warm water sitz baths.

For those with severe symptoms, such as persistent bleeding, hemorrhoid prolapse pain affecting daily life, Dr. Lin recommends surgical treatment, such as hemorrhoid ligation, traditional excision with energy cutter, minimally invasive laser ablation surgery, etc.

Tainan City Hospital introduced a new type of hemorrhoid laser device, which is suitable for patients with grade 2 to 3 hemorrhoid prolapse. If the hemorrhoid prolapse is serious, it can also be used together with an energy cutter.

The degree of swelling of hemorrhoids will correspond to different treatment methods. He recommends fully discussing with the doctor before the operation to find out the most suitable treatment method.

Lin Weiting also reminded that postoperative maintenance is very important. Sufficient water and fiber intake every day can effectively avoid constipation or squatting on the toilet for a long time, and with proper exercise, avoid irritating food, tobacco and alcohol, etc., in order to improve the treatment effect and solve the problem of hemorrhoids .

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