Last week, the 26-year-old daughter of Madonna got into an unpleasant situation - because she was late, the girl

was not allowed to show the new collection of the Marc Jacobs brand

, which took place in New York.

But already yesterday,

Lourdes Leon

came to the Grammy ceremony, where she also attracted attention.

First, Lourdes chose to nod to her mother's now-canonical look with her bow — her rhinestone-encrusted red Area gown featured a tapered bodice reminiscent of her mother's heyday.

The girl completed her look with an avoska bag, sandals and bright makeup, in which lips painted in the ombre technique were especially original.

Lourdes Leon / Photo: Associated Press

Lourdes had diamond jewelry around her neck and ears.

Lourdes Leon / Photo: Associated Press

Secondly, she did not come to the show alone, but in the company of her friend -

Trinity Vygorski


The girls posed provocatively in front of the cameras - holding hands, hugging each other and kissing.

Lourdes and Trinity have been friends for years and recently hinted that they would be working on a song together.

Trinity came to the "Grammy" from head to toe dressed in a bow from



Lourdes Leon and Trinity Wigorski / Photo: Getty Images

And one more thing must be noted.

Lourdes once again posed for the cameras with her arms raised to show off her armpits, which this time she decided to shave anyway.

Previously, she appeared on red carpets with hair in this part of the body, as she advocates body positivity and supports the #freeyurpits movement (free your armpits).

Lourdes Leon / Photo: Getty Images

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