Guobiao Arts Chunxu, from left, Guo Wencen, CEO of NSO, Liu Yiru, Director of the Two Departments, Gao Zhishang, Chairman of Guobiao Arts, Qiu Yuan, Director of China National Opera Academy, and Jian Wenbin, Director of Weiwuying.

(Photo by reporter Ling Meixue)

[Reporter Ling Meixue/Report from Taipei] After three years of the epidemic, global cultural exchanges will be fully restored to the pre-epidemic state in 2023.

Gao Zhishang, chairman of the National Center for Performing Arts, led the art director of the 3 halls and 1 troupe to have a spring talk with the media yesterday (6), and at the same time explained the development plan after the epidemic. With the development of performing arts as the core, it will embrace the future by applying digital technology and echoing the spirit of sustainability.

Gao Zhishang specifically pointed out that the government has incorporated "support for cultural development" into the corporate governance evaluation index, and it is expected that the development of performing arts will bring more possibilities through the extensive investment of social resources.

The national two halls are moving towards a world-class smart theater indicator

Liu Yiru, artistic director of the two theaters, said that in 2023, the two theaters proposed three core spirits of "sustainable integration", "resilient governance" and "smart innovation"; becoming a "smart theater" is an important goal of the two theaters.

In terms of content creation, the "5G enterprise private network" will be expanded from theaters to the National Concert Hall for overall deployment, and it is expected to expand the benefits of IP content production, dissemination and commercial transfer.

In terms of venue operation, the online management system will be optimized to enhance the capacity of the venue's digital intelligent services; various self-media platforms of OPENTIX and the two halls will be optimized to increase public participation in arts and culture.

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The National Taichung Opera House and the Global Arts Center are moving towards a "green theater"

Qiu Yuan, the artistic director of the China National Opera House, said that the China National Opera House is an "atypical theater space", and performances may take place in any corner. Therefore, the first artist-in-residence, Bray Yang, and the musician ABAO and visual artist Ledan.

Bava Vallon created a new work "I.

In addition to the world premiere of the new series "NTT Arts NOVA" in March, "Us" will also extract theater elements to create a screen version of light, and entrust director He Mengxue to create a video version to be screened in the corner salon.

Aiming at the goal of "Art Sustainability, Green Theater", the Opera House's "New Art Project" in 2022 selected the work "Before it disappears, can you like me?"

》Collaborated with Chung Hsing University to design the "Generation Floor" device, which uses green energy participatory performances with zero carbon emissions throughout the whole process and the body generates electricity to supply the electricity required for the performance.

Many international dance companies that will visit this year will also reduce the carbon footprint of international transfers by not transporting large-scale stage sets internationally or producing set props in Taiwan.

Creativity and sustainable evolution of Weiwuying National Art and Culture Center

Jian Wenbin, artistic director of Weiwuying, said that Weiwuying, which has entered its 5th anniversary, will continue to build an international venue that is compatible with creativity and sustainable development based on its existing foundation.

Exclusive brand strategy In 2023, in addition to the Chinese New Year series and "Big Player 2", there will also be "Mad Fans 24 Mozart", 2023 Weiwuying Organ Music Festival, International Music Festival, Hualulu Children's Music Festival, circus platform, etc.

Other plans include upgrading the learning promotion group to the learning promotion department to integrate resources from various departments; new international partners join the Manchester International Arts Festival; the second organ album is released; the "Xiong Powerful" performance creative project.

The National Symphony Orchestra NSO deepened education after the epidemic and restarted international connections

Guo Wencen, CEO of NSO, pointed out that in addition to the implementation and preparation of the music season, talent cultivation "Art Lineage Inheritance Project-Coordinated Conductor", "Music Without Boundaries Project-Composer Set Sail, Conductor Set Sail" and "Young Musician Growth Plan" Painting" continues; the "Youth Symphony Orchestra" project launched at the end of 2022 will tour with music students from all over the country recruited by the orchestra in different county market halls in July.

In addition, the U.S. and Japan tour will start this year, performing at world-class performing arts venues such as the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in the U.S., the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Tokyo Opera City in Japan, and the Hyogo Prefectural Art and Culture Center to show the "from Taiwan" to the international community. cultural energy.

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