Xu Shengmei confides her broken heart in a post.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Xu Shengmei, a senior media person, had an accidental fracture a few days ago. She fell and hit her knee cartilage and broke it in half. If you grab money, you will die if you give up your seat." Today (4th) I published an article and sighed, "I deeply feel the warmth and coldness of human feelings." 

Xu Shengmei expressed her feelings on Facebook, saying that after the fracture and injury, she has a deeper understanding of the warmth and coldness of human relations. It has been a month now, and it is indeed still in the recovery period. Some people wonder why they are returning to work now. Xu Shengmei even pointed out, "I also know the discussions behind everyone. (I love grabbing money so much, I will die if I give up my seat).” She explained that she mainly hoped that she could go to work occasionally, so that when she returned to work, the machine would not be down for too long.

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Xu Shengmei also said with emotion, "Life is so cruel. I try my best to go out to work without being forced, and I also thank the production unit and manufacturer for their full support (I have already given up many seats)." She also admitted that the torment of fractures made her I often cry sadly, and I have a different experience in a wheelchair, "The vision is so low, I feel very insecure. Hahaha. It's better to stand up early." Many netizens left messages wishing a speedy recovery.

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