Huang Zijiao went to the Commonwealth Bank to open a securities account.

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[Reporter Yi Huici/Taipei Report] Huang Zijiao and Meng Gengru ushered in their daughter Huangmai in May last year. As expected, he will have a very prosperous fortune "after giving birth". "Fin TV's first release" won the ratings champion, and he shed tears of emotion.

Now that Huang Corn is only 8 months old, Huang Zijiao has already started to plan ahead. He went to the Securities and Finance Department of the Federal Bank to open an exclusive securities account for his daughter on today (4) the make-up day, saying that he will "advance deployment".

Huang Zijiao spoke for Commonwealth Bank.

(Flipping Facebook)

Huang Zijiao posted on Facebook, saying that after Huang Maize was born last year, his group of mojis actually said they wanted to give Huang Maize stock as a gift.

He was thinking "huh? Sounds reasonable, but! How to deal with it".

He has never had time to deal with this problem. Recently, he was acting as the spokesperson for the Commonwealth Bank. Suddenly, he felt that the time had come. He asked his assistant to go to the Securities and Finance Department of the Commonwealth Bank to open her exclusive securities account for the 8-month-old yellow corn. Huang Zijiao He also emphasized that this had nothing to do with the endorsement contract, it was entirely his own initiative.

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He thanked the staff and supervisors for all kinds of assistance, allowing him, an idiot in life, to complete the opening of a securities account. He also said that once he became a parent, his thinking would be different. He could not only think for himself, but also plan ahead. Daughter a beautiful vision.

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