The main task will be the need to harmoniously reveal one's individuality among the environment.

A creative period, a great opportunity to make a significant leap forward, and all the keys to this are full of potential in Leo on February 5.

On February 11 at 1:22 p.m. Kyiv time, Mercury enters the sign of Aquarius - the transit promotes upheavals and changes in one's own opinion, helps bring clarity to the most confusing processes.

People are the most open in communication, receptive to new knowledge, resistant to various informational throws, because the ability to see the truth and understand the real state of affairs is enhanced.

The third quarter of the Moon helps to learn life lessons and gain valuable experience.

It is already possible to reduce the pace and get results from previously performed work, to feel quite comfortable.

At this time, you can find harmony with your inner world and deal with accumulated matters.

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No one doubts that you are capable of working hard and efficiently, but you are not a warrior in the field alone, and the ability to divide your work is important now.

Think about how to attract investors, resources of partners in order to bring your business to a qualitatively new level.

It is likely that if you properly demonstrate your abilities, you will become the first candidate for promotion.

This is a good week to buy real estate or something that you really need and helps you save money and time.


A favorable week for social activity and professional activity.

You feel an influx of energy, attention to your person from other people and their desire to cooperate with you.

With the help of partners and their resources, you will be able to complete an important project, create a solid foundation for yourself for the future, and be filled with energy for new achievements.

It is quite possible that one of the proposals or ideas of this week will later become an important long-term project that will not lose its importance even after many years.


Make the most of this week's opportunities - and you will find reliable partners and loyal friends.

Probably a new beginning in the most important areas: your work or family life.

Do not be afraid of difficulties and increased responsibility - your energy impulse is at its peak.

You have everything you need to look at the world more optimistically and take the toughest of obstacles by storm.

If you are patient and tactful enough, it is likely that someone will be willing to take on some of your workload.


It is important to pay more attention to strengthening your rear, bringing order to secondary matters for which there was not enough time before.

Significant income is unlikely now, so you need to carefully plan the resources you have.

But there is a good chance to attract helpers, distribute the load more evenly and do what you like.

The week is favorable for relations with relatives, communication with children on the most important issues regarding their future.


The week is not easy and requires you to put in a lot of effort and work on yourself.

No matter what happens, do not look at life bleakly, relax and try to act not as circumstances force you to, but as you really want, without disturbing the comfort of other people.

It is quite possible that as a result, you will find original, non-standard solutions for the tasks before you, and as a result, the work will not be so difficult, or at least much less boring.


It may seem to you that life has heaped upon you tasks beyond measure, and at the same time is in no hurry to reward you for the results of conscientious work.

Well, maybe the lesson is to learn not to wait for praise, but to appreciate the feeling of satisfaction from a job well done.

Do not succumb to pessimism!

If it becomes difficult, try to do everything very slowly, move forward in the smallest steps.

Do not try to take on additional responsibility - the existing one will be enough for you.


The week is promising for solving any problem that worries you.

You will have no shortage of creative ideas and plans.

The time is also favorable for art-related activities.

You should look around and see things from the other side.

It's likely that you'll find a workaround or alternative solution.

You should think about what benefit you can get from the situation.

Well, if the problem seems very difficult to you, then do not hesitate to ask for help from friends and loved ones.


You will discover the beauty and harmony of the surrounding world and fill your creative imagination with colors.

Do not forget to pay attention to household chores, family duties, communication with loved ones.

Active recreation, travel, any work that you will undertake as a whole family will bring you closer and improve mutual understanding.

Try to understand the needs of those dear to you and respond to them with all your heart.

The more care and warmth you give to others now, the more you will receive in return.


The week will be full of worries and troubles, you will be torn apart.

A mountain of all kinds of work will pile up on you, the environment will try to dump their problems on you.

You should not overload yourself and work at the limit of your capabilities - save your resources.

Use this time to understand your deep inner needs, understand what is hindering you in your attitude to life, and what needs to be satisfied.

Allow yourself to spend more time alone, away from the noisy crowd.


A week of inner growth, reflection, contemplation, in-depth analysis, self-discovery and filling with vitality.

A wave of fresh energy encourages you to take on a new job, go on a trip, and make drastic changes in the field of relationships.

It is an appropriate time to take care of the detailed elaboration of those creative ideas that you undertook in the previous month.

There will be an opportunity to look at your project from the point of view of other people and possibly identify its weak points.


Spend more time with like-minded people, look for mutually beneficial cooperation.

A creative and interesting week, however, to get the most out of this period, you need patience and persistence.

This is a good month for learning, as you are now able to grab ideas on the fly.

If you are engaged in creative activities, try to write down all the ideas that come to your mind - they will last for a long time.

If your work involves a serious attitude and significant financial responsibility, it is better to take a vacation this month.


This period will be characterized by a special diversity, the need to make difficult choices.

Circumstances force you to focus on matters that require considerable effort and organization.

You will be able to test your ideas in practice, understand their viability and usefulness.

Obstacles and delays in business are possible, but this is temporary.

"Patience and hard work will overcome everything" is your slogan for the near future.

Get your affairs in order and finish unfinished projects.

Do not do reckless things - and success in any endeavor awaits you ahead.

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