Xian Peijin and musician Cai Yuliang recorded the radio program "Behind the Scene" hosted by toto.

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[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] Singaporean singer Xian Peijin and musician Cai Yuliang recently recorded the radio program "Secret Watching Behind the Scenes". Friends Tu Shancun rushed into the recording studio to visit the set and prepared desserts as souvenirs. He said sweetly: "Xian Peijin's The music sounds very comfortable, so I want to give you a souffle." It was also revealed that Xian Peijin took away his first time

Xian Peijin recorded a radio program, and Tu Shancun visited the class and presented soufflé.

(Provided by POP Radio)

It turned out that when Tu Shancun entered the industry, the first MV he filmed was a song by Xian Peijin. This time, he heard that a friend released a new song "Apple (HOLIDAY)", so he took time to visit the radio station. He hoped that there will be opportunities for cooperation in the future, joking "never increase the price".

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Xian Peijin started as a production assistant for a record company in 2015, and later fulfilled her dream of being a singer and released her first solo album "Why Be Good". She is also very familiar with the show host Toto, and revealed that they drank beer together to celebrate the release of the film 7 years ago. This time I specially prepared the same draft beer to record the show, and Toto encouraged her to create more, "Don't make everyone wait too long, just like fresh beer, let everyone try it at any time."

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