Yi Lu loves twerk dancing, and was once harassed by netizens with messages.

(Provided by Yilu Norika)

[Reporter Lin Xinying/Taipei Report] 17 live cosplay little witch anchor "Yilu Norika" is petite and has a bumpy figure. As a live broadcast host and coser, she often appears in the live broadcast room in various shapes, and she also has amazing fans and other girls The enviable childlike face and beautiful skin revealed that she was working part-time in college to support the family. After joining the live broadcast, she felt warm and supported.

Yilu has a super childlike face and has been a 17-year-old anchor for more than 4 years. When she was in college, she had to recuperate because of her father's illness, and her family lost the financial support. Going to school and working to support the family, the painful process made her often want to give up her studies. Fortunately, her cousin introduced her to join 17 live broadcast. The live broadcast host job has become Yi Lu's main source of income. Many good friends she met on the live broadcast made her feel warm and supportive. Accompany her until she graduates successfully.

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Yi Lu often shares twerk videos.

(Provided by Yilu Norika)

Yilu's singing and dancing in the live broadcast room are loved by a large number of fans. She has loved dancing since she was a child, and she is also very good at twerk dancing. But she did not expect that after she published twerk dance video works in the community, she would attract a bunch of strange messages to harass her. Competing to fantasize about intimate contact with her twerks, Yi Lu bravely said to her, "It won't bother you, just ignore them."

Yi Lu thinks that she is the same in private as she was during the live broadcast, and she is also very lively. She laughs that her live broadcast can be sweet or salty. When she is in good spirits, she can also become a talk anchor. Momanoki Chana", it turns out that Yilu is often said to hit the face of an AV actress. Since college, some classmates have said that she looks like Mikami Yuya, and some people say that she is more like Momanogi Kanna. It has been said that she looks like an actress. Yilu has heard a lot She said, "I think it's a compliment to be said that, after all, they are all beautiful girls!"

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